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Practical resources for health professionals to use with patients and clients to help raise awareness of cancer prevention and support them on the road to better health.

These resources have been designed for health professionals to use with their patients and clients. You may also find our downloadable diaries and health tools, and posters useful.

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online cancer prevention workshop

Online cancer prevention workshop

Learn about the science behind our messages and how patients and clients can lower their cancer risk with this online workshop, accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.


100 calorie gallery photo cards

100 Calorie Gallery Photo Resource Pack

Our handy tool shows how the calorie content of foods varies. Each photo card shows 100 calories-worth of a different food.


are you sugar savvy

Are You Sugar Savvy?

This game shows how much sugar some soft drinks contain and encourages people to limit their intake and replace them with low-sugar or sugar-free options.


Alcohol Calorie Game

Alcohol Calorie Game

This game highlights the fact that alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories and that drinking too much can not only directly increase the risk of several cancers, but it can also lead to weight gain.


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