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Update: We are developing a new programme for children and their families, and will be giving a refresh to your favourite Great Grub Club activities. In the meantime, our Great Grub Club website may not always be performing as well as it could be, and we apologise for that. We hope you still continue to use our Great Grub Club website.

The Great Grub Club is a free website for 4–11 year olds from World Cancer Research Fund. It teaches children about healthy eating and being active in a fun way.

As the UK’s leading cancer prevention charity, we know that helping children get a healthy start in life is really important. That’s why we created the Great Grub Club. By encouraging children to eat healthily and be physically active from an early age, we aim to help them develop healthy habits that could help reduce their risk of developing cancer later in life.

What’s on the Great Grub Club website?

The website offers a wealth of healthy lifestyle resources, including:

For parents and carers

A range of fun activities for you to enjoy with your children.

For teachers

Plenty of free resources to get your class learning about healthy lifestyles, including:

You may also be interested in our alphabet of fruit and alphabet of vegetables

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World Cancer Research Fund UK, including the Great Grub Club, is a Change4Life partner. Change4Life is a government initiative which encourages children and their families to eat well and move more for better health.

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