Cancer Survivor Champions

Could you lead sessions for people with cancer on how to eat healthily?

World Cancer Research Fund's (WCRF) 2019 Cancer Survivor Champions programme aims to improve the quality of life of cancer patients by providing valuable nutrition and exercise advice, and helpful information on how to safely manage the side-effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

Would you like to join us?

This year, we're training 10 volunteers who are also cancer survivors on our nutrition and exercise advice for people going through cancer treatment. After their training, the volunteers will deliver sessions to cancer support groups in London and Birmingham, with the assistance of a health professional. 

What's involved?

Survivor Champions will be trained on how to help patients eat healthy, nutritious food throughout their cancer treatment and beyond. At the training session, you'll learn about our advice for people with cancer, how you can share your own experiences when delivering your sessions, and how to use WCRF's tools and resources. Online training sessions and one-to-one support can also be provided if required.

We aim for our Champions to deliver at least two sessions to patients at a local cancer support group. Sessions will run throughout the year, and training and support is available both before and in between each session.

As a Champion, you'll be leading and delivering each session. A health professional will be at the sessions, and will support you where needed.

WCRF have chosen to work within the areas of London and Birmingham that have high cancer mortality rates.

Melissa Mogor, WCRF's Public Health Adviser, is leading this project.

Please get in touch with any questions you have, or just for a chat about what's involved.

t: 020 7343 4200


We'll support you

WCRF will support you throughout the programme. This includes pre-delivery training, regular check-ins and updates on relevant information.

The role of Survivor Champion is completely voluntary and WCRF will cover expenses including food and travel.

Benefits of being a volunteer

This programme is a great opportunity to build relationships with professionals, enhance your skills and use your experiences to positively influence people who are living with cancer. This is a chance to make a valuable and recognisable contribution to the cancer community, with the support of a world-renowned organisation.

After delivering the sessions, you'll receive recognition for your work as a Champion and given the opportunity to continue working with WCRF if you wish.