Solely fish cookbook

Enjoy a delicious and healthy fish recipe created by Michelin star chef Nathan Outlaw

WCRF's Solely Fish cookbook, with Nathan Outlaw

For many people, red meat is the 'go-to' centrepiece of their main meals but there's strong evidence that eating too much red meat isn't good for our health.

Fish is a healthy, delicious and highly versatile alternative to red meat. A lot of people stick to the battered and breaded varieties as they don't know what to do with fish.

Yet this book of seven recipes – including one provided by star chef Nathan Outlaw – will inspire you to be more adventurous with fish.

All the recipes have been designed to follow World Cancer Research Fund’s healthy eating recommendations and to show you how easy and delicious it can be for you to eat more fish. The recipes are also low in salt, added sugar and saturated fat.

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One of the most popular recipes from this cookbook is oriental fishcakes, which you can find for free on our Real Recipes website. 

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