Webinar on eating well after cancer

This webinar for health professionals looks at how to return to a "normal" diet after cancer

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After cancer, some people may feel anxious about food and eating – especially if they've had to follow special diets during treatment. 

In addition, specific cancer treatments can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, so some people may benefit from adopting “heart healthy” diets following cancer treatment.

And there is also emerging research that following a healthy diet may reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

This webinar explores the various aspects of eating well after cancer.

Content and learning objectives

Gain a clear understanding of:

  • The benefits of a healthy diet after cancer
  • How to return to a “normal” diet after cancer
  • How a healthy diet can reduce the risk of other diseases after cancer

Be aware of:

  • The diet and nutrition challenges people may face after cancer
  • The evidence on diet and nutrition after cancer
  • The tools and resources available to help you

Be able to:

  • Support people to eat well after cancer
  • Access evidence-based information on eating well after cancer

Please note, webinars are not intended to be used by non-medically qualified individuals or as a substitute, or basis, for any medical treatment.

Expert speakers

Adele Hug
Oncology Dietitian & Clinical Operations Manager (Onkohealth); Freelance Dietitian (Hug Nutrition); World Cancer Research Fund survivorship ambassador and consultant; Macmillan Oncology Dietitian

Adele is an oncology specialist dietitian and consultant at World Cancer Research Fund and leads support sessions focusing on eating well whilst living with cancer. Adele has worked in the NHS providing tailored clinical nutrition support to people living with cancer throughout all stages of their cancer journey. She is now working for a small health tech start up developing a digital solution to health optimisation in patients with cancer.

Webinar host and moderator
Tanya Haffner, CEO RD MyNutriWeb

This webinar will be CPD accredited by the British Dietetic Association and the Association for Nutrition.

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