Webinar on eating well during cancer

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MyNutriWeb logoOn top of the symptoms caused by cancer itself, treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery can cause side-effects that make it more difficult to eat normally and absorb nutrients from food. This webinar outlines how people can cope with these side-effects while eating as well as possible.

Content and learning objectives

Have a clear understanding of:

  • The role food and nutrition play during cancer and cancer treatment.
  • The common side-effects of cancer and cancer treatment and how to adapt diet to help people to cope with these.

Be aware of:

  • Where to access evidence-based information on diet and cancer.
  • The common myths and frequently asked questions about diet and cancer.

Be able to:

  • Support patients and clients to eat well during cancer.
  • Provide patients and clients with resources to help them eat well during cancer.

Expert speakers

Melissa Mogor
Public Health Advisor, World Cancer Research Fund

Melissa is a registered public health nutritionist with experience working in clinical and community nutrition. Melissa works with key members of the oncology and cancer survivorship community to build programmes aimed at providing essential support to both people living with cancer and survivors of cancer.

Adele Hug
World Cancer Research Fund survivorship ambassador & consultant/Macmillan Oncology Dietitian

Adele is an oncology specialist dietitian and consultant at World Cancer Research Fund, and leads support sessions focusing on eating well while living with cancer. Adele works at the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust providing tailored clinical nutrition support to people living with cancer throughout all stages of their cancer journey.

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