Living with cancer during coronavirus

Helping people undergoing cancer treatment to eat well during the pandemic

At World Cancer Research Fund, we work with oncology specialists to provide support sessions for people living with and beyond cancer.

We're now delivering live sessions focusing on different aspects of cancer and cancer treatment. The sessions are scheduled to run during the evening and will be an hour long.

This is a chance to gain a deeper insight into various areas of living with cancer and provides an opportunity to put questions to our experts, including oncology dietitian Adele Hug.

Each session is private and admissions are on a first come basis, so be sure to sign up and arrive on time!

These support groups are open to anyone who has been affected by cancer, including carers. However, many groups are cancer specific so please choose the most appropriate session for you.

Zoom support and information groups

We'll have more details soon on our next meeting. To stay informed, sign up to our living with cancer newsletter.

Online cookery classes with Life Kitchen

We partnered with Life Kitchen to provide free online cookery classes. During the classes, chef Ryan Riley (co-founder of Life Kitchen) showed participants how to cook healthy recipes from our Ryan Riley recipe booklet, as well as practical, flavour-enhancing cooking techniques that can help with taste changes often associated with cancer.

Our registered oncology dietitian, Adele Hug, shared specialist dietary advice and specific ways to tailor the recipes to suit individual needs.

These classes have now finished but the recorded videos are still available to watch on YouTube:

About Life Kitchen

Life Kitchen was set up as a free, UK-wide cooking school to help people living with cancer by teaching cooking skills and providing recipes that help to restore the pleasure they get from food by focusing on taste.

This is an important issue as cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and certain medications can affect the way foods and drinks taste, as can cancer itself.

Recipes by Life Kitchen help to tackle the loss of taste and enjoyment from food in those living with cancer by using ingredients that enhance the flavour of each dish.