Glenn's log: Sunday 9th June 2019

Day 38

Very hot and very sunny―no wind.

We set off from Kostroma with the idea of meeting up with them every 15 miles. This will enable Patrick and Charlotte to get out of the heat, have something to eat and rehydrate, as they are sweating and losing a lot of fluid.

Dora, for the first time, ran out of water. It is still hard to find the quantity of water that we get through each day. The roads are good at last and they are now going at an extremely fast speed.

Tonight we are staying at Makaryev in a private, small Russian house. We were greeted with smiles. One of the rooms was their front room with book cases, piano and a sofa bed, but I was still going to sleep in the van.

The lady offered to wash all our clothes, still with a smile.

We were going to cook down by the river but when we tried to get near the beach, Dora was sinking in the sand, so we turned around and went back up the track.

Still had food in Dora―all very tasty.