Glenn's log: Monday 3 June 2019

Day 32

Bright and sunny day. No wind.

Patrick and Charlotte left from our hotel to unfortunately return, once again, with a 3rd puncture! This time it was the front tyre. As they have been on the bike for a long time with quite a few miles on them, it was decided to change to a more robust, chunkier tyre that would stand up to the rough road conditions better.

So far the Russian people have been very welcoming, and for the first time on this trip have been genuinely interested in our journey, compared to the previous countries that we have been through. A positive thing for Patrick and Charlotte is that the roads have less traffic on them.

Tonight we will be wild camping with Charlotte, Alex & Glenn sleeping in DORA whilst Patrick will be outside in the marqueecomplete with pump up mattress and a mosquito net. We will see how this goes.

We had trouble finding a suitable site, however, once found, Alex helped me set the marquee/awning up for the first time. Putting it up and trying to find out which poles and screens were left or right and where they should attach was a bit of a challenge, mainly because I hadn’t read the instructions! It took us about 90 minutesnot badbut will be easier and quicker next time as I have now read them!

Still being hounded by flies and mosquitosnot nice as they are very aggressive.

Good night.