Glenn's log: Monday 10 June 2019

Day 39

Sunny. Warm.

Well what do you think makes this such a very special day?

Patrick’s birthday! Patrick set off on his own first thing in the morning, and after he had done 20 miles we all met up with him for refreshments. Patrick left at 7.35 but he was due to have a radio interview with BBC Radio Surrey, so we had to make sure that wherever we stopped we had a good phone signal. The road conditions are still good, but we now have a massive thunder storm with roads that are flooding. We are now waiting in Dora for the BBC to call Patrick as we have stopped near the Manturoskiyn Rayon.

They finally managed to get through, and Patrick gave a brilliant interview, and made arrangements to do another interview when we are further into Russia.

After the interview Patrick and Charlotte got on their bikes and had a brilliant day’s cycling.

Although we had our clothes washed last night, they were not dry by the time we wanted to leave, so we now have damp clothes hanging everywhere in Dora.

We are still having trouble with our new internet system in Dora whilst wild camping. How does anyone cope with no internet when you are wild camping? We are now following P243 road. The roads are so much better, everybody is a lot happier.

We stopped in a log cabin again, in a holiday complex near Shar’inskiy and started to celebrate Patrick’s birthday.

On one of our many shopping quests to try and buy bike bits and maps we came upon a shop that sold balloons. We managed to get ones with Happy Birthday in Russian, of course easy, but at the table we told him they said “Happy Birthday Patrick” which he seemed to like very much. He then opened his cards and presents that were given to me in the UK. It was a lovely evening and Patrick was very relaxed.