Glenn’s log: Wednesday 7th August 2019

Day 97

Travelling on a massive flood plain.

Well I must have had a dream last night... no, it was a nightmare. I was driving for countless miles with nobody else on the road, yet in the far distance I could see a hill, but as soon as I reached the top of the hill it started again, straight long stretches of tarmac with a hill still in the distance, and so on. I should stop having chocolate before going to bed.

This road is still amazing as it has been raised far above the lay of the land, it is just like the longest dyke. The reason is that we have basically been travelling on a massive flood plain. You are always able to see lakes, puddles, swamp, water and saturated land, all along both sides of the road. Had they not done this we would have had to travel through thousands of miles of mud. I hope global warming does have to make them raise it again.

Today I have seen five chipmunks, most of which have been trying to cross the road in front of me. Hundreds of beautiful butterflies, all different colours and sizes. The bad news is that the flies are back, and they are huge. I think they are horseflies, and they do bite.

Things are getting exciting, not many more days left in Russia. We still haven't seen any bears which I am so pleased about, because if they were to come this close to the road they would only get shot, and have their heads and skins stuck on the side of the road to be sold. Such a sad ending to a magnificent animal. Will man ever learn? I don’t think so.

Patrick’s still cycling, moving closer day by day to his target. He has such determination and is getting faster. It is great to witness it.