Glenn’s log: Sunday 4th August 2019

Day 94

Things are getting tough.

We are heading for SKOVOROVINO. This is the administrative centre of the Oblast region, where Patrick and Alex will find a hotel, and I will stay in DORA.

We hope that when we get to the city we will be able to find flow gas. You do miss not being able to make a hot drink. Things are getting tough. It is raining now, and there’s still 25 miles to go for today. It doesn’t make it as enjoyable for Patrick to ride in the wet.

DORA has been brilliant, but we now have a small oil leak coming from the oil filter which I have cleaned up and retightened, so hopefully it will not get any worse.

Still no luck finding gas for DORA. Apparently the next time we are able to buy gas is 310 miles away, which is about 5 days away. When we were in the UK preparing for this trip, I knew we might have problems with fuel and also gas for the cooker and fridge, hot water etc., but every time I asked any authority, and I even rang the Russian Embassy, the answer came back “oh yes no problem, you should be able to get this, but we don’t really know”.

We carry an extra 25 litres of fuel in a jerry can which is in the boot as a back up, but we are unable to store extra gas outside DORA’S on-board gas tank. Now we found out that this whole region does not use gas.