Glenn’s log: Saturday 3rd August 2019

Day 93

IPYWA Village.

We will be doing 15 mile legs again today and also continuing our hunt for gas for DORA. Still not much traffic on the road, but the road predictably continues to go up and down, far into the distance. There are not even any small villages off the main highway. We are on our own. The phone signal is still bad, so planning where to stay tonight is difficult.

We went off the main road to a village called YPYWA. It appears very nice: the wooden houses look well maintained, with young children running around playing. You get a good, safe feeling about the village. We have parked on the forecourt of an administration building, and we are getting a lot of attention from a lot of local people, but it doesn’t feel threatening. Patrick went off to the railway to take pictures of the trains to send back to his young nephew, but was told by the station’s security man to stop taking photos. This was explained by him wagging his finger. So, they are still not totally open to Westerners.

Later on, we were joined by two teenage boys, aged 14 years old, who turned up to look at DORA. They were very polite, well dressed, and amazed to see how nice it was, but just couldn’t believe that we had an inside toilet. You forget how we have taken so many things for granted. Danila and Sergey had quite a long talk with Patrick, with the aid of Alex, followed by a few photos. I should have asked if we were the first English people that they had ever met.

We all had a good nights sleep.