Glenn’s log: Saturday 10th August 2019

Day 100

The HONEY run.

The trees have come back, and the roads have also changed back into the large rolling hills that we have had before. The flies however, appear to be much more aggressive.

Patrick is still doing well, but it is getting a bit of a strain to cycle on just a long, continuous road. It is better when you are passing different towns as it just breaks the time up and becomes much more stimulating for him and me.

It is such a shame that such a beautiful country has so much rubbish dumped everywhere. Most of it is plastic, they need to start addressing this problem.

Today’s ride I have called the HONEY run. In the past as you drive along the roads you have local people selling various things on the side of the road, but today for the first time they are selling honey by the gallons. I have gone past at least twenty people all with little stalls with litre bottles of honey for sale. A few have the bee hives just tucked inside the line of trees off the road, where they have a small shack or a lorry body on bricks. I assume this is where they sleep at night over this period, to protect their bee hives and crops of honey.

We have also gone through another time change. We are now midday in the UK, 9 pm in Russia.

We will be wild camping tonight at a town called OBLUCHYE.