Patrick McIntosh's #LifeCycle

Patrick is cycling from London to Japan to raise money for and awareness of cancer prevention

I'm Patrick McIntosh and I'm a big rugby fan. I'm cycling from Twickenham Stadium in London to Japan, in time for the Rugby World Cup this autumn.

I'm also a triple cancer survivor: bowel, prostate and skin.

Why on earth am I doing it? Well, if my challenge gets just one person to listen and decide to get tested early, then I think it’s worth it. There is life after cancer.

The money I raise will be shared between two charities that are so important to me: World Cancer Research Fund and St Catherine's Hospice in Crawley, near where I live. Could you donate £10 to support this challenge? Thank you to everyone who's already donated and for all your messages of support and encouragement.

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The #Lifecycle Diary

Catch up with Patrick’s adventure to Japan and find out what life on the road was like with Glenn his support driver.

2 October

Many thanks to Patrick for raising awareness and funds towards our cancer prevention and survival work! After nearly 5 months away from the office, cycling 7,200 miles, he is now back in Surrey!

1 October

Patrick’s story has been featured in West Sussex County Times.

30 September

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29 September

The last post from Japan – in the Castle in Kyoto.

28 September

Patrick is almost at the end of his journey and you can support him by donating to his page.

27 September

Great to see BBC Sports featured Patrick’s Life Cycle journey in the England vs USA live coverage.

26 September

Amazing support for the England rugby team – Patrick has cycled 7,200 miles to watch them!

25 September

Patrick is having a great time in Kyoto now that the cycling is over. 

24 September

After the craziness of cycling to the Rugby World Cup, Patrick found some serenity in beautiful Shirakawa. 

23 September

Find out more about the vegan food in Japan.

22 September

Support Patrick reach his fundraising goal by donating to his page.

21 September

Great to see ITV featuring Patrick’s journey in their build-up to the Rugby World Cup!

20 September

Many thanks to Glenn Fisher for supporting Patrick on his journey. As Patrick said, he is a REAL hero!

19 September

One man and his bike in the famous Tokyo rush hour, doing lots of media interviews. 

18 September

Amazing news! After 4.5 months, 8 countries, 7,100 miles & so far £50,000 for charity, Patrick made it to the Rugby World Cup!

17 September

Granddaughter Gemma & her boyfriend Jamie joined Patrick on his Life Cycle journey in Japan!

16 September

Vegan heaven in Japan after a long cycle ride!

15 September

As Patrick is almost at the end of his journey, have a look again at his story and his four simple points that can help you prevent cancer.

14 September

It’s official – Patrick has now cycled 7,000 miles on his Life Cycle Journey from UK to Japan.

13 September

Just one week until the start of the Rugby World Cup and the end of Patrick’s Life Cycle journey.

12 September

Patrick is feeling fantastic to be cycling along nearly deserted beaches and to be only 300 miles away from Tokyo and the Rugby World Cup.

11 September

After a 600m climb over 10km in about 53 minutes, Patrick is now in the port of Toba where he had a refreshing dip in the sea.

10 September

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9 September

Patrick’s colleagues from KMG Independent Ltd have been attempting to match his mileage as a team by running, walking, cycling and rowing!

8 September

Video from England Rugby featuring Patrick’s LifeCycle to the Rugby World Cup and the amazing journeys of other dedicated rugby fans!

7 September

Temples, shrines and vistas from Sakaiminato across the island of Shikoku.

6 September

Cycling along a very hot and sunny day in Japan.

5 September

Have a look at Matsuyama, a town with amazing contrasts of modern and traditional including a feudal castle, a steam train, shopping malls and rickshaws.

4 September

Getting into the Rugby World Cup spirit at a temple in Matsuyama on the island of Shikoku.

3 September

A special message from Darcy, Patrick’s great niece.

2 September

Wonderful sights from Western Honshu in Japan.

1 September

You can hear Patrick talking about Japan and vegan food on BBC Surrey (01:36:10).

31 August

Great to hear Patrick on BBC Sussex (01:47:67).

30 August

We are very happy to hear that Patrick and Glenn made it to Japan!

29 August

Don’t forget you can follow Patrick on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

28 August

Patrick and Glenn are on the ferry to Japan on their way to the Rugby World Cup!

27 August

Patrick travelled 6,500 miles to find a perfectly preserved original Ford motor cars.

26 August

Patrick is feeling overwhelmed to see the enormity of human life that has been sacrificed from the Russian Revolution through WWII. 

25 August

More pictures from Vladivostok.

24 August

If you’ve been inspired by Patrick’s #Lifecycle why not head over to his donation page? 

23 August

Final thoughts on Vladivostok from Patrick.

22 August

Many thanks to the Russian Television for featuring Patrick’s Life Cycle journey.

21 August

After their long and adventurous journey, Patrick and Glenn are taking a few days to rest and pack before travelling to Japan.

20 August

Packing up with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. 

19 August

Patrick and Glenn have crossed Russia!

18 August

The only highway into Bloody-vostok and its confusing road infrastructure. 

17 August

Hear Patrick on BBC Surrey (2:37). 

16 August

Terrible roads and terrible weather about 10km south of China. 

15 August

Almost the end of their time in Russia! Find out what Patrick and Glenn think of this huge country. 

14 August 

A wet day in the life of an Adventurist. 

Thoughts on the trip across Russia (Glenn's log).

13 August

Enjoying a rest day in Khabarovsk (Glenn's log).

12 August

Patrick in Birobidzhan – the only autonomous Jewish region outside of Israel.

11 August

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10 August

The HONEY run (Glenn's log).

9 August

Quick video with some thoughts on the far eastern part of Russia. 

8 August

Many thanks to Outwood Cricket Club, where the final of the Surrey Slam competition is taking place, which is also fundraiser for Patrick.

7 August

3 1/2 months on the road and 5,300 miles done. Visit Patrick's fundraising page to support him.

Traveling on a massive floodplain (Glenn's log).

6 August

What a small world! Patrick and Glenn bumped into Chris and Janet who are from Cranleigh in Surrey. They are travelling the world in their tiny van.

5 August

Heading south to “Bloody-vostok.”

4 August

Good luck to all cyclists in the London Ride 2019. Visit the KMG Foundation to find more info about Patrick’s challenge.

Things are getting tough (Glenn's log).

3 August

Fantastic roads to cycle on with absolutely no traffic. Watch Patrick’s video to see what he’s experiencing.

IPYWA Village (Glenn’s log).

2 August

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1 August

50 days to go until the opening Ceremony of the World Cup in Tokyo! And about 23 more days in Russia.

31 July

Happy to see Patrick back on his bike surrounded by plains and hills.

30 July

You can follow Patrick on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

29 July

After the rainy days in Chita, the skies have finally cleared and Patrick is camping in the hills.

28 July

Greetings from Chita, where Patrick made a new friend Anastasia.

27 July

Listen here to Patrick talking about his journey on BBC Radio Sussex (2:45:23). 

26 July

More awe-inspiring scenery from Patrick.

25 July

Eastern Russia – an outrageous landscape as Patrick describes it. 

24 July

On some bumpy roads near the Russia-Chinese border. 

23 July

In a bit of a media blitz this week, Patrick was also featured on BBC Surrey (01:51:00).

22 July

Check out Patrick’s important update on his #Lifecycle on BBC South East (22:22 onwards).

21 July

Highlights of Patrick’s journey so far on ITV News. 

20 July

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19 July

The breathtaking Lake Baikal after 4,300 miles of his journey.

18 July

Patrick has done a hill climb of 1,038 meters, his highest ever, and he’s pleased with the improvements in his fitness level. 

17 July

A new bike and a pint of Pride in Irkutsk. 

16 July

Bits of good news: 

1. Patrick had ridden 4,242 miles.

2. Glenn was featured in WCRF’s blog.

15 July

Patrick’s bike was stolen! Despite this unfortunate incident Patrick stays positive and will continue his journey.

14 July

Reached Tulun, Siberia in torrential rain.

13 July

Glad to hear Patrick talking about his journey on James Cannon, BBC Surrey.

12 July

Crossing the trans-Siberian railway on road to Irkutsk.

11 July

Here's a video with commentary showing what it's like to ride across Siberia, with the scenery and traffic!

10 July

Feeling inspired to get out on a bike yourself? Regular exercise reduces your risk of cancer.

9 July

Patrick is off the busy highway and is instead following the Yenisei river.

8 July

Don’t forget you can follow Patrick on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

7 July

Roughly 4,000 kilometres east of Moscow, the team are in the coal mining town of Mariinsky.

6 July

Patrick was interviewed on the radio again this morning. Thanks to BBC Sussex for its ongoing support.

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5 July

What a difference a day makes! 100 miles on from Novosibirsk, there is no running water, no infrastructure, and the locals rely on subsistence farming.

4 July

Meet Yolanda, one of the team supporting Patrick on his Life Cycle. Inspired by Patrick’s message, she went to her GP regarding an unusual-looking freckle; thankfully she was told that it was fine. Get tested, and remember the importance of an early diagnosis.

3 July

He’s halfway across Russia! Here he is in the bustling city of Novosibirsk.

2 July

The Russian police place wooden police cars along the highway in order to slow down traffic.

1 July

Patrick is now halfway between Omsk and Novosibirsk. ‘Hours of monotonous miles’, according to Patrick!

30 June

Being outside all day, Patrick is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. Here, he explains the importance of covering up and protecting yourself from the sun.

29 June

Patrick has hit the 3,000-mile mark! He attributes his fitness and physical capability to Paul Winkley who trained him for the three months prior to his departure.

28 June

The weather looks like it has picked up! Look how beautiful the Siberian Plains are.

27 June

Patrick is sharing the road with lorries, trucks and cars. No cycle lanes here!

26 June

Charlotte, Patrick’s niece, has now returned home. And the weather has taken a turn for the worse!

25 June

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24 June 2019

A sad day for us.

It is with a heavy heart that Glenn lights a candle for a dear friend and neighbour who passed away today. The candle is also for all our friends and family to stay safe while we wonder the world. Toblosk, Russia.

23 June 2019

Dora got stuck!

Perfect night of camping.

22 June 2019

Honored to bring you beautiful views of Siberia.

21 June 2019

Happy summer solstice.

"Look at how far I’ve come on my #LifeCycle to Japan! After a good rest day in Ekaterinburg I am en route to Bogdanovich–2,700 cycling miles so far for St Catherine’s Hospice and World Cancer Research Fund."

20 June 2019

You may be surprised to hear that Russia has reliable, inexpensive public transportation. A last resort in case of another puncture?

19 June 2019

What vegan options does Russia have to offer? 

18 June 2019

Despite the pouring rain and heavy traffic, Patrick is remarkably positive! 

17 June 2019

It’s never too late to donate. Show Patrick your support here.

16 June 2019

Patrick is no stranger to challenge; did you know that he walked to the South Pole in 2015, raising over £250,000?

15 June 2019

We’re in bear country!

""Please look after these bears"... this sign does NOT say! Back on the road today and back in bear country. Bear Grizzles is right at home! See also some bedtime reading we brought along... hope we don't need it!""

14 June 2019

Cycling across Russia isn’t an excuse to forget to eat your 5 a day! 

13 June 2019

Cycling across Russia isn’t an excuse to forget to eat your 5 a day!

We spent a rest day in Kirov yesterday seeing sights and stocking up on enough fresh fruit and veg for the next 500km cycling to Perm.

12 June 2019

Following a few detours, they’re back on track

11 June 2019

Don’t miss Patrick on BBC Surrey (skip to 01:52:00).

10 June 2019

Happy Birthday Patrick!

9 June 2019

It’s hot!

8 June 2019

We found an up to date road map! What a relief.

7 June 2019 

Patrick’s had his first crash! Fortunately, no major injuries; keep soldiering on

6 June 2019

Patrick’s sixth puncture!

5 June 2019

Delighted that Patrick is getting the news coverage he deserves; here he is in the Ipswich Star

4 June 2019

Wildlife update; wolves, birdsong, but still no moose! 

3 June 2019

Russians have been very welcoming.

2 June 2019

Cold, wet and windy.

1 June 2019

Glenn shares his daily logs with us as they start their journey in Russia.

31 May 2019

Glenn: the man in the van.

"As we enter into Russia the #LifeCycle team are joined by Charlotte, Patrick’s niece, and Alex their Russian bodyboard."

30 May 2019

There’s always time for Bach! It’s important to remember to relax.

29 May 2019

Hei Suomi! Patrick has made it to Finland.

"Have finally made it to Finland, currently cycling about 40 miles south of Helsinki."

28 May 2019

Follow the #LifeCycle adventures of #BearGrizzles

27 May 2019

Here’s Patrick and Fabian Bolin, Founder of War on Cancer. Wonderful to meet Fabian.

Check out the WarOnCancer App which is there to support whose who are affected by cancer.

26 May 2019

Remember to keep an eye out for our fantastic blogs, including Patrick’s journey so far

25 May 2019

Patrick is taking a few well-deserved days off

24 May 2019

If you’ve been inspired by Patrick’s #Lifecycle why not head over to his donation page?

23 May 2019

As well as WCRF, Patrick is also raising money for St Catherine’s Hospice. A big thank you to those who have donated so far.

22 May 2019

Patrick is making great progress―in Kalmar

21 May 2019

We’ve seen three moose!

20 May 2019

Big thank you to Ojaby Camping.

19 May 2019

Rex joins Patrick in Gothenberg.

18 May 2019

Cycling towards Kinna – you’re either going up or you’re going down but it’s definitely not flat in Sweden.

17 May 2019

Day off at a climate change protest

16 May 2019

The motorhome has had a makeover!

"We will shortly be arriving in Sweden. The van signs have had a makeover. All together now: Motion, Tilitro, God Kost, Tidig Diagnos."

15 May 2019

3 days ahead of schedule! Nearly time to catch the ferry to Sweden.

"Made it to Frederikshaven, where I will catch the ferry to Sweden three days ahead of schedule! Nice cycling paths too!"

14 May 2019

More damage to the motorhome!

"While I've been off cycling through Denmark, Glenn has been off getting Dora’s windscreen repaired. Thank you to CarGlass―pictured here with Bear Grizzles."

13 May 2019

Nasty headwinds in Denmark; Patrick is pressing on.

12 May 2019

Hej Danmark! 

"We’ve made it to Denmark! I’m struck by sudden similarities to back home in Surrey. Place names like Felst (like Felstead Rd) rolling hills & yellow fields of rapeseed. Must be the latitude?"

11 May 2019

Here’s an update from North Germany.

10 May 2019

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9 May 2019

Hallo Deutschland! 

"We’ve just crossed into Germany. Farewell Nederland, hello Deutschland!"

8 May 2019

First puncture of the trip! Not Patrick’s bike, but the motorhome. Luckily, they’re back on their way:

"Had our first this morning, on the van not my bike! Great service from ATS Euromaster who were helped by our mascot Bear Grizzles."

7 May 2019

‘Heiloo’ Patrick! He’s made it to the Dutch town of Heiloo.

6 May 2019

Patrick stopped by Royal Harwich Yacht Club before catching the ferry to Holland.

"Departed Royal Harwich Yacht Club this morning & had a great 22mile ride to Harwich itself, picking up some friends on the way! Ferry tonight, Holland here we come!"

Glenn and our designer Davina changing signs on the vannot any easy job!

5 May 2019

Never forget to appreciate nature’s beauty. Here’s Patrick in a bluebell wood in Essex

4 May 2019

Patrick has arrived at Twickenham Stadium! 7,500 miles to go until he makes it to the Rugby World Cup

3 May 2019

He’s off! Watch Patrick set off from St Catherine’s Hospice to WCRF

We're thrilled to have Patrick at our London offices to wish him good luck for his journey

Don't forget – get checked!

Please get checked, eat well, exercise, stay positive and don’t forget that you can sponsor my challenge #LifeCycle.

Patrick and Glenn, who'll be accompanying Patrick in a campervan, are now on their #LifeCycle, and have already reached Russia. We'll be following their journey on the blog, so bookmark the page for updates.