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We were the first organisation to identify the link between diet and cancer

For over 30 years we’ve been translating the scientific evidence on cancer prevention and survival into our unique set of Cancer Prevention Recommendations. Watch the video to find out about our recent 10-year report on all the evidence on preventing cancer.

We fund innovative research to achieve our vision of a world where no one develops a preventable cancer. Your support is vital.

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So far, your support has enabled us to invest £103 million in global research, helping us to:

  • be the first organisation to identify the link between diet and cancer
  • confirm beyond all doubt that lifestyle choices can reduce cancer risk
  • verify that being overweight is a major cause of cancer
  • set up our pioneering Continuous Update Project – the world’s largest source of scientific research on cancer prevention and survivorship through diet, weight and physical activity
  • reach 25,000 people every month with practical help and advice on reducing cancer risk
  • hold training for health professionals about cancer risk, reaching 70,000 patients a year

Help end the heartache caused by cancer. Give to us TODAY and help create a future free from preventable cancer.

Sarah Lewis


Dr Sarah Lewis is a senior scientist at the University of Bristol. She's currently leading a project to identify which nutrients may cause or protect against prostate cancer.

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Our Annual Report

Interested in what else we’ve discovered? Read more about our findings so far or see our most recent annual report.

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Your generosity, no matter what size, can have a huge impact on our work to end preventable cancer.

  • £10 could allow us to reach 20 community health workers. Your support would keep these health professionals updated on ways to prevent cancer, so that they can advise their patients.
  • £50 could help us keep 100 doctors and nurses informed of the latest cancer prevention research, so that they can provide their patients with the best care possible.
  • £100 could allow us to share educational health information with the general public, so that they can take control of their health.
  • £200 could buy one wearable activity monitor and one accelerometer for a cancer survivor to wear to investigate whether physical activity improves their quality of life, overall health and importantly, stops or delays the cancer returning.
  • £500 could help train the next generation of cancer experts. Your gift could give a new PhD student the skills and equipment needed to work in the complex field of diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer.
  • £1,250 could help develop professionals working on ways to prevent cancer worldwide.
  • £5,000 could fund a Fellowship for an initial study into how to reduce cancer risk through diet, nutrition and physical activity.
  • £20,000 could allow us to hold a training event on cancer prevention for 100 community health workers. Your gift would enable delegates to start their patients on a journey to better health, and a future free from cancer.

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