Faced with breast cancer, six years after losing Mum

Annalise Abraham was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 and has now run a marathon to raise money and help prevent cancer

"I'm Annalise, and I ran the 2019 London Marathon for WCRF.

If I can raise awareness that helps anyone prevent cancer in themselves that would be such a bonus."



Running before, during and after cancer

Annalise ran the Virgin Money London Marathon in April 2019 to raise money for WCRF, to help us do more research into how to prevent and live with and beyond cancer.

Annalise, who's a teacher in Reigate, Surrey, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, just six years after her mother died of the same disease. While her breast cancer was not inherited from her mother, Annalise does worry that her two daughters, now in their 20s, could go on to develop the disease as well.

And now she has raised over £2,000 for WCRF to help us prevent other people going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment, and improve survival rates for those diagnosed with cancer. Around 40 per cent of cancer cases are preventable – that’s approximately 144,000 cases in the UK every year. 

Exercise helps cope with treatment

Before her diagnosis Annalise was very active; describing herself as outdoorsy, she was a keen runner and rock climber. Throughout her treatment she continued to run, attributing this to helping her cope with chemo and radiation therapy both psychologically and physically.

Annalise said: "If I can raise awareness that helps anyone prevent cancer in themselves that would be such a bonus. I know many cancers aren’t preventable but if everyone can reduce their risk it would be a great thing."

In her previous marathon, five months before being diagnosed with cancer, Annalise ran a personal best of four hours and two minutes.

She adds: “I’m slower than I used to be, as I am not as fit as I was pre-cancer, but I am just accepting that this is how it is. I finished the marathon in five hours and three minutes, but I didn’t have a specific time goal in mind.”

You can still support Annalise’s fundraising efforts; visit: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=AnnaliseAbraham&pageUrl=1