Write your will for free

Rewrite the Future and help give future generations the power to prevent cancer

An up to date will written by a professional will writer ensures that, as far as possible, your final wishes will be respected and helps avoid any difficult decisions and legal complications your loved ones may face.

None of us know what is around the corner and if you leave writing or updating your will until you need it, it may be too late. Getting it done now will ensure you are ready for whatever the future may hold.

With this in mind we’ve partnered with some great will writing professionals to enable you to write or update a simple will for FREE online, so that you can ensure your family, friends and the causes you care about receive what you want to give them.

  1. Take the online interview
  2. Get guidance and support easily
  3. Pause to consider any tricky issues
  4. Download your will confidently

Your online will is free, you choose whether to pay for legal advice on any issues highlighted to you.

There is no obligation for you to include a gift to World Cancer Research Fund in your will to use our free will writing offer.

But if you do choose to Rewrite the Future and help give future generations the power to prevent cancer we thank you. A gift in your will costs you nothing now and it could be your special way of helping give future generations the power to prevent and survive cancer in the years ahead

Do you need a bit more help first?

Our free will writing pack is designed to help you with writing or updating your will. It provides a step by step guide as well as a will writing planner & checklist. If you want to find out about other ways we can help you write your will, our guide offers different options.

I'm Sarah, Legacy Manager, and if you'd like to talk to me about leaving a gift in your will, please get in touch. I'm happy to answer any questions, in strictest confidence.
e: legacies@wcrf.org
t: 020 7343 4200