Rewrite the future by leaving a gift in your will to help prevent cancer

One in two of us will receive a cancer diagnosis during our lives, but did you know that 40% of cancers in the UK can be prevented through simple, healthy lifestyle choices?

That means around 147,000 people in the UK every year could be saved the trauma of a cancer diagnosis.

We were the first charity to prove the connection between an unhealthy diet and increased cancer risk, and we continue to fund global research into the links between diet, weight, physical activity and cancer. 

But we need your help…

We believe in stopping cancer before it starts. Including a gift to us in your will might be the best way you can help give your loved ones and future generations the power to prevent cancer.

Knowing that one in two of us will receive a cancer diagnosis and that cancer cases are expected to rise by 58% to 24 million globally each year in the coming decades, it is important that we all take action. We can’t change the past but Together we can Rewrite the Future.

"Including a gift to World Cancer Research Fund UK in my will, after I’d looked after my family, was such a positive thing to do. I’m happy to know that even after I’m gone, I can still do something about a better future for everyone."

Ruth Penny was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997 and, like many cancer sufferers, felt totally out of control. She took back control, following our recommendations to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly and is now cancer free... She wants to help others survive cancer and stay cancer free too.

We provide people, of all ages, with a blueprint to beat cancer

Our health information, for instance, encourages children to enjoy healthy eating (yes even broccoli!) and take more exercise. This work couldn't be more urgent, especially after our discovery that obesity leads to a higher risk of 10 different cancers.

We've also released a men’s health guide, which provides simple lifestyle changes that can help reduce cancer risk. The need for men to change their habits is more pressing than ever, now that cancer has overtaken cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death among men.

Find out more about our resources to help us all live healthier, more cancer free lives in the here to help section of our website.

You can help give your loved ones and future generations the power to prevent cancer by including a gift to World Cancer Research Fund in your will.

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