How to leave us a gift in your will

Your gift will make a real difference in the fight to prevent cancer for future generations

"A few years ago, I ordered World Cancer Research Fund’s free will guide. My husband and I used it to help us plan our will.

"We then decided to include a gift to World Cancer Research Fund so we could enable their work to expand and their cancer prevention messages to reach more people. I know my gift to them will be helping future generations."

– Barbara Knowles

If you’re considering including a gift to World Cancer Research Fund in your will we’d like to say a huge thank you.

You might be surprised by how straightforward and inexpensive it is to make a will. We recommend getting your will written and updated by a legal professional. This means you can be reassured that your will is written correctly and there will be less chance of your wishes being contested. We offer a choice of will writing professionals

They can provide home visits and solicitor-written wills that start at around £100. If you'd like more information or to book a home visit call us on 020 7343 4200 or email We can help with writing or updating your will.

Order your free will writing guide

If you're leaving a gift to World Cancer Research Fund, you'll need to include:

  • Our full name – World Cancer Research Fund
  • Our charity number – 1000739
  • Our full address – 22 Bedford Square, London, WC18 3HH

Knowing that you want to make a difference to the wellbeing of generations to come really means a lot to us.

Barbara spoke at a supporter event at the House of Commons

"I became aware of the work of World Cancer Research Fund after losing both my parents and a number of friends and relatives to cancer.

"I’ve now really embraced the charity’s healthy lifestyle message – I swim every week, as well as practising yoga, doing Tai Chi and walking regularly with a group. It’s a great way to get to know people and really helps you to be cheerful and optimistic.

"I would like the charity’s work to continue so that their cancer prevention messages reach even more people. That’s why I’ve left a gift in my will. I know I’m helping future generations."

Barbara used our free guide to help update her will. If, like Barbara, you'd like to include a gift to us in your will and help prevent cancer for future generations, you can start today by ordering our free guide.

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