Cancer. Together we can Rewrite the Future

Could you write hope into your will, like Ruth?

"I’m happy to know that even after I’m gone, I can still do something about a better future for everyone"

– Ruth Penny, World Cancer Research Fund supporter

Ruth decided to leave a gift to us in her will after our advice on diet and exercise helped her to regain her health after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Writing a will helps ensure your money and belongings are left to the people and causes you care about. It helps avoid confusion over your intentions and provides a great opportunity for you to rewrite the future in the way you choose. When you write or update your will, including a gift to World Cancer Research Fund could be your special way of making a memorable contribution to cancer prevention and survival in the years to come.

You have the power to help prevent cancer for future generations

Our handy guide has lots of information to help you prepare for a meeting with your solicitor (or other professional will writer) to make the often-daunting job of writing or updating your will much simpler.

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How can I help prevent cancer?

Many people like to include a gift in their will to support causes that have been important to them in their lives. Special gifts like this, left to us, help pay for a significant part of the groundbreaking worldwide scientific research we fund. Vital research that investigates the links between diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer. For example, we are currently investigating why some people are more susceptible to cancer than others, and finding out how we can help people who've been diagnosed with cancer live better for longer. A gift left to us in your will would help us turn our vital research into practical information and advice on cancer prevention and survival. This information empowers everyone to protect themselves, and those they love, against cancer – now and in the years ahead.

The more we know about the causes of cancer, the more we can do to prevent it

By 2035, the number of new cases of cancer is expected to rise by 58% to 24 million. However, we know that 40% of all cancer cases are preventable through simple lifestyle changes and that after not smoking, eating a healthy diet, being more active and maintaining a healthy weight are the most important ways you can reduce your cancer risk. That's around 144,000 cancer cases every year, in the UK alone, that could be prevented. After you've provided for your loved ones, we ask if you would consider including a gift to World Cancer Research Fund when you write or next update your will. Together, we can rewrite the future, to help give future generations and those you love the power to prevent cancer.

Write your Will online for FREE

We have teamed up with Bequeathed to offer a simple and convenient service for creating your will. And it’s free. It starts with an easy, online interview. Then there’s guidance and support on hand throughout, to help you progress at your own pace.

If your will is complicated and you wish to pay for legal advice, you can ask Bequeathed to transfer your online interview to one of their accredited firms of solicitors. They can advise you by telephone or in person, once you've agreed the fee. You won't be charged for the time you've spent answering the initial online interview questions.

You don’t have to include a gift to World Cancer Research Fund in your will to use this free service but if you do, you will be helping to rewrite the future of cancer prevention and survival in the years ahead. Start making your will today.

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