Challenges, treks and cycle rides

If you've secured a place in an event, we'd love to have you on board!

Do you love to trek, walk or hike? I know I do. Why not take part in a challenge for World Cancer Research Fund and at the same time raise money for our cancer prevention work.

Whether this is your 1st or your 100th run for World Cancer Research Fund, we’re here to help you every step of the way with our personalised fundraising tips, online training hub and on-going support throughout.

In the UK today, 1 in 2 people will hear the words ‘you’ve got cancer’ during our lifetime. Although great advances have been made with cancer treatments, wouldn’t it be wonderful if fewer of us had to face the shock of a cancer diagnosis?

We think so. Which is why we have been working tirelessly in researching the links between cancer prevention and survival through diet, weight and physical activity, helping you make fully informed lifestyle choices to reduce your cancer risk.


Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is an obstacle course designed to test all abilities on stamina, strength, teamwork and mental grit. Incredibly fun!

Tough Mudder 10 mile event 

  • 25 obstacles 
  • Minimum sponsorship £350

Tough Mudder 10k event 

  • 20 obstacles
  • Minimum sponsorship £250

Tough Mudder 5k event 

  • 13 obstacles
  • Minimum sponsorship £150 

Dates and locations

  • July 3rd-4th (Scotland) - 10K & 5K
  • July 16th-17th (Manchester) - 10K & 5K
  • July 17th-18th London West 10 miles & 5K
  • July 31st -1st Aug (Yorkshire) - 10K & 5K
  • 14th-15th August (Midlands) – 10 miles & 5K
  • August 21st-22nd (South West) -10K & 5K
  • August 27th-28th (North London) – 10K & 5K
  • September 4th-5th (Cheshire) - 10 miles &5K
  • September 18th-19th (Sussex) 10 miles & 5K
  • October 8th-9th (Morden) - 10K & 5K

Join #TeamCanPrevent


Spartan Races

Find your inner beast and join us for one of the best obstacles races around.

Beast Spartan race

  • 21K
  • 30 obstacles
  • Minimum sponsorship target: £350

Super Spartan race

  • 3K
  • 25 obstacles
  • Minimum sponsorship target: £250

Sprint Spartan race

  • 5K
  • 20 obstacles
  • Minimum sponsorship target: £150

Dates and locations

  • June 19th 2021 (Wales) - Beast, Super and Sprint
  • July 24th 2021 (Midlands) - Super and Sprint
  • September 25th 2021 (Scotland) - Beast, Super and Sprint
  • October 9th 2021 (London) - Beast, Super and Sprint
  • December 11th 2021 (Twickenham) - 5K with an extra 20 obstacles


Own Place Runners

If you’ve managed to secure your own place in an event, you can still join our team and receive all the support you may need.

When you join #TeamCanPrevent, you will receive:

  • A personalised welcome pack full of fundraising ideas, information on our work and sponsorship forms
  • Personalised branded running vest or t-shirt
  • Access to our closed social media groups for community support
  • Post-event certificate and thank you card


If you want to get in touch

I'm Priyanka, Events Manager, and can help if you're thinking about a challenge for a good cause.

Please get in touch:

t: 020 7343 4200