'This is not just a lipstick' campaign

3INA is a make-up company, offering premium products in sustainable packaging, which champions a diverse range of styles.

In 2017, 3INA lost two much loved members of the family – Head of Marketing Arita Celma, at just 32 years old, and Maria Rivera at 37.

Turning loss into positive action

Even in hardship, it’s the 3INA way to find the joy in life, with positive thinking, positive action, and spirited self-expression always on our side. The company wanted to honor the joyful memory of loved ones lost to cancer in a way that celebrates how wonderful it was to have them in our lives, whilst also taking the opportunity to proactively help to fight the cancer that took them.


In 2018, 3INA released the LIPS FOR LIFE limited edition lipstick, from which all the proceeds were donated to World Cancer Research Fund, to help achieve the vision of living in a world where no one develops a preventable cancer. The lipstick was packed with pH sensitive pigments that have a positive reaction not just with the world but with an individual's lips too, to create a unique shade – a lipstick that changes colour and changes lives, too. The strapline of the campaign was 'Spread the word and help us change the world … one lipstick at a time"

The 3INA partnership has raised an amazing £15,000 for WCRF and helped align two brands keen to make a difference.