Young people Bite Back on industry

11 November 2019 | Health policy

Rebecca Morgan, member of the Bite Back 2030 Youth Board

Rebecca Morgan is 15 and from Whitby. She's a member of UK Youth Parliament and is an activist and singer. Rebecca believes that every child is entitled to live a happy, healthy lifestyle and is excited to join the Bite Back 2030 Youth Board to help facilitate and encourage young people throughout the UK.

The world has changed drastically in the past decade – from what is inside our food and how it’s advertised to the amount of time young people spend exercising or outdoors – our planet is a different place than it was all that time ago. Although it has its benefits, the health of young people has decreased dramatically as one in six young people around the world are now obese with one in 23 classed as extremely obese, showing a clear space for improvement! Look to the UK and one in five children are overweight when they start school, that increases to one in three by the time they leave primary school!

Like many people across the globe, we want to change this and build a happier, healthier world for our children and that's what Bite Back 2030 aims to do.

This year saw the creation of a new youth-led campaign supported by a team of celebrities including Jamie Oliver. Bite Back 2030 is led by a passionate team of 12 young people aged 14–17 (Bite Back Youth Group) who have come together to question the food industry in order to help build a healthier place for young people to live in. The ultimate goal is to halve childhood obesity in the UK by 2030.

This campaign is all about giving, through creating healthier, affordable options in schools, giving us more information on the nutrition in products and the freedom to be able to make a personal decision about what we want to eat, not what the media persuades us to consume.

It's not a secret that everywhere you look, whether it be on a high street, a bus shelter or on social media, junk food is being put in the spotlight and it's time to question who this is benefitting. Is this sea of advertising there to promote healthy lifestyles to young people, or is it there to force-feed us their products? Is it a classic example of the food industry putting their profit over the health of us, the people?

Think about it, this isn't right! We feel disgusted that young people are continuously targeted as the primary consumer as if we were prey with no second thought to our health. These industries are endangering the lives of millions of people every day with their inescapable advertising! They have manipulated us and taken over our lives with their endless advertising, which is why Bite Back is here to take the power back to young people, to give us all back the right to health. For further proof, check out Bite Back’s shocking launch video which proves how controlling the food industry really is!

Ultimately, we're here to give young people the long healthy lives they deserve but are not currently getting, and so we are asking that you support us in our movement to give the young people of the world the healthy lives they're entitled to.

Rebecca Morgan | 11 November 2019