Not all heroes wear capes

22 March 2019 | Supporter stories

Adam DalyAdam Daly is our Corporate Fundraising Partnerships Manager. He reveals what it’s like working with companies to raise money for cancer prevention and survival.

I've been working at World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) for a year now, and other than wishing I had a shorter job title, I can honestly say that I love it! My background is in recruitment, but ever since I was young I've always wanted to do something that helps people. Charity work has always played a role in my life, whether that was door-to-door fundraising as a kid at Christmas, or volunteering for charities such as Parkinson’s UK. Most people think working in the third sector is slow but my job is incredibly varied. One day I’m preparing a pitch to present to a company’s board, the next I’m trying on lipsticks to promote a partnership with an international make-up company on social media!

WCRF receives no funding from the UK government, so we're dependent on donations from the public, and this includes money raised by incredibly generous companies who choose WCRF as their charity partner – this is where I come in. I work with companies of all different shapes, sizes, and sectors and in a variety of ways. Whether that be WhatsOn Magazine gifting us free advertising space, Spanish cosmetics company 3INA donating the profits from their limited-edition lipstick to us, or staff fundraising efforts at Barclays. However, there's one thing these corporate heroes always have in common: their passion for preventing cancer. I focus on understanding their business and work culture to find the best ways they can engage their staff, customers or local communities to help raise money or awareness of our work.

Using corporate power to make a difference

SCIEX is another such company. A global leader in life science and analytical technologies, Canadian firm SCIEX have been supporting us since 2015, raising more than £31,000 for our vital cancer prevention and survival work. Their vision of placing the power of life-changing answers into the hands of those who care, everywhere, aligns well with WCRF’s focus on empowering the public and healthcare providers with information that could ultimately save lives.    

Money raised by partners such as SCIEX could go towards funding research projects (such as our annual grant programme), our health information campaigns, where we increase public knowledge of cancer prevention through diet, weight and physical activity with the help of healthcare professionals, or long and short-term projects unique to WCRF. Their support allows us to reach audiences and tackle problems in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, taking us one step closer to realising our vision of a future free from preventable cancers.

Why do I like working with corporates?

There’s never a dull moment. I get to speak to people from all walks of life and show them the amazing work that WCRF does, such as our Continuous Update Project or policy and public affairs work, and how they can be involved. I love finding out what’s behind people’s motivation for preventing cancer. I love that no two partnerships are ever the same. And I also love finding ways WCRF can support a company to engage their staff or customers, achieve their corporate social responsibility objectives, or enhance their brand. My job is the perfect combination of public and private sectors all rolled into one.

Working with SCIEX in particular has been interesting. Their inspiring blog series for International Women’s Day, which coincided with the company’s 2019 donation to us, looked at three different aspects of cancer whilst celebrating women. The first was written by one of SCIEX’s employees, Dawn, about her experience of breast cancer, the second by a WCRF-funded breast cancer researcher, Dr Jennifer Baker. And lastly, specialist dietitian Deborah Howland wrote about how she uses our Eat well during cancer guide to help her patients.

I’m excited about what the future holds and hope to continue working alongside everyday heroes such as SCIEX, because together we have the superpower to stop cancer before it’s even begun. Let’s keep striving to keep friends, families, and colleagues together for longer!

Adam Daly | 22 March 2019