Dry January: follow Lewis!

13 December 2017 | Healthy living, Supporter stories

We’re really excited about being an official charity partner of Dry January 2018, the annual movement that helps people reset their relationship with alcohol. Here, World Cancer Research Fund's Press & PR Manager Deborah Hyde introduces Lewis Hull, the second of our Dry January poster boys, whose alcohol-free progress we’ll be following in January.

"At the end of a tough day, it's always too easy to open a beer to relax."

Lewis Hull, 35, is a director of a company supplying and installing hi-fi and home cinema equipment. His job is busy and he frequently works long hours, getting back late to his home in Torquay where he lives with his wife and five-year-old daughter. To unwind at night, it's all too easy to have a beer or two.

He takes care of himself, eating healthily (his wife is a hospital-based dietitian) and exercising daily, cycling over 8,000 miles each year. However, Lewis often exceeds the recommended maximum 14 units of alcohol per week, using it to help him relax and de-stress.

Impact of alcohol and its cancer risk

"After I've had a drink, I'll notice that my cycling performance deteriorates and makes training for an event more of a challenge,” he says. “My wife works with people with head and neck cancer and too much alcohol is a risk factor for this type of cancer.”

Cyclist and January teetotaller Lewis Hull

"So when I heard about Dry January, I thought it would be a positive thing to give it a go to really improve my health in the short and long term.”

Happier and healthier New Year

Lewis will face temptation along the way. In January, he is due to go with friends to the BDO World Professional Darts Championships at Lakeside, the sort of sporting event where a pint or two is often central to the proceedings.

“I’ve got friends and family who’ll be supporting me, so I’m determined to make it to 31 January without a drink!” he says. “Why not join me and sign up for Dry January – it could mean a happier and healthier start to the New Year, and you can raise money for World Cancer Research Fund’s vital cancer prevention work at the same time”.

Will Lewis and Bill meet the Dry January challenge of 31 alcohol-free days? Follow us on Twitter @WCRF_UK and Facebook @wcrfuk to find out in the New Year.

STOP PRESS: as well as giving up alcohol for a month in the New Year, Lewis has also pledged to cycle 1,000 miles during January! He’s doing this to help raise awareness of the link between regular exercise and reducing your cancer risk.

Deborah Hyde | 13 December 2017