How we stay sustainable, by fish delivery business Fishbox

13 July 2017 | Healthy living

Our friends at Fishbox pride themselves on their commitment to sustainable fish sourcing – they believe that everyone should have access to this amazing resource. In this exclusive post, Fishbox's founder Magnus tells us how they stay sustainable.

Small boats, small suppliers

Fishbox supports the local industry by sourcing its products directly from the fisherman which ultimately means less strain on fish numbers and a fair price for the catch.

Responsible sourcing to us also means ensuring safe, traceable and legally-sourced fish and respecting the advice provided by scientists and marine conservation groups to help inform our purchasing decisions.

Fishing in Scotland

We have a very close relationship with all of our fishermen and buyers and listen very carefully to their reports of what they’re catching – after all, this is the data that the scientific and conservation communities rely on.

Responsible fishing methods

We believe in using all of our fishermen’s catch, meaning no fish discards and no waste. We also think that this will mean our customers try a greater variety of fish, helping them to eat seasonally and responsibly, and reducing pressure on certain species.

Our fishermen use specialist equipment to avoid the incidental capture of non-target fish but occasionally we do receive small quantities of these ‘bycatch’ fish. Rather than wasting this catch, we utilise it – if it’s tasty and nutritious, why not let our customers enjoy it?

Fish box

We also take into consideration the time fish and seafood need to repopulate and we adjust our consumption levels to suit their seasonality.

Sharing our sustainable methods

There are no secrets about where our fish comes from – we even label our fish with, for example, ‘Shetland Monkfish’ or ‘Peterhead Haddock’ to indicate the area from which the fish was sourced. In fact, every fish we sell, we could tell you the name of the skipper who caught it!

We also listen to conservation groups and their advice, regularly reviewing our seafood range and keeping a record of how much of each species we are seeing at market and passing onto our customers.

Any questions? Get in touch on Twitter @Fishboxuk or call 01463 567700.

Magnus Houston | 13 July 2017