Get fruity with us and help boost kids' fruit and veg consumption

12 May 2017 | News, Healthy living

Sarah is World Cancer Research Fund's Head of Health Information. Follow her on Twitter @SJToule.

How many parents out there have had their kids turn their nose up at a piece of fruit or veg? I’m sure nearly every parent is raising their hand!

It can be incredibly tricky to get children to eat their fruit and veg, let alone the recommended five daily portions. In fact, the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey showed that only around one in ten children are getting their five-a day.

children eating

However, parents shouldn’t give up – fruit and veg are incredibly important building blocks of every child’s diet. And eating well helps children keep their weight healthy, which lowers their risk of developing cancer in later life.

That’s where our Get Fruity campaign comes in – it encourages kids to get serious about their fruit and veg and have fun at the same time.

Children up and down the country will be getting involved – from dressing up as their favourite fruit at school to organising a skipathon (below), there are tons of ways that they can take part to get healthy and raise money to support cancer prevention.

children skipping

We’ve created a fundraising pack full of great ideas and helpful tips about eating fruit and veg, plus lesson plans and sticker sheets if you're fundraising as a school.

And if all that isn’t enough, how about this fruity breakfast recipe (plus a lesson plan for the teachers) from Jamie Oliver himself?

So Get Fruity with us, and help more children around the UK eat well from an early age.

The free Get Fruity fundraising pack is full of fruity fundraising ideas. Get your pack today!

Sarah Toule | 12 May 2017

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