3 reasons you should consider cycling to work

20 April 2017 | Healthy living

Keen cyclist Sarah is World Cancer Research Fund’s Head of Health Information. Follow her on Twitter @SJToule.

With evidence growing all the time about the benefits of physical activity, World Cancer Research Fund is always on the lookout for ways to help busy people incorporate more exercise into their everyday routine.

How about cycling to work? There are tons of benefits to getting on your bike every morning – here’s a few to get you started!

It will get you healthier

A bit of exercise first thing is a great kick-starter for the day ahead. Cycling offers a range of benefits including strengthening both your lower muscles and your cardiovascular system, as well as reducing the risk of cancer.

Cycling is also a great calorie-burner, which can help in keeping a healthy weight – one of the main ways to reduce cancer risk. Find out how many calories your cycle commute could burn with our Exercise Calorie Counter.

It can be surprisingly economical

If you invest in your own bike, you could save a huge amount in travel costs. However, don't skimp on safety gear, and find a safe place to lock or store your bike to avoid it being stolen. If you live in an area with a cycle hire scheme, this is a great way to avoid large one-off costs, or to give cycling a go before investing in your own bike.

These types of schemes are also useful for incorporating shorter cycle trips into your commute, especially if you don't want to cycle the full journey.

It could save you time

Hard to believe, but with traffic jams, public transport delays and waiting times, cycling all or part of your journey can actually shorten your commute!

If time is your priority, then be clever about when and where you cycle. For example, try cutting out your car or bus journey and cycling straight to the train station, or make your journey through back streets – this avoids traffic and is also safer.

Happy cycling! Tell us how you get on by commenting below or getting in touch on Twitter @WCRF_UK.

For other easy ways to build activity into your daily routine, download our free Move More booklet today.

Sarah Toule | 20 April 2017

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