How a simple survey helped raise thousands for cancer prevention

21 November 2016 | News, Supporter stories

Mark is Director of Academics/Omics Business at SCIEX, a US-based global leader in life science analytical technologies

Recently, my fellow employees at SCIEX were asked to participate in the company’s annual engagement survey.

Not only would SCIEX donate $1 (about 80p) to World Cancer Research Fund for every survey completed, but SCIEX would also multiply the total donation raised when specific milestones of 50, 70 and 90 per cent survey participation were met!

Through our collective commitment we met the challenge and SCIEX ultimately donated US$11,000 (about £8,800).

We’re delighted that our donation will help fund scientific research that helps to deepen the understanding of cancer risk and how to reduce the disease.

When my colleagues were told that for as little as $13, or just over £10, the charity can reach 20 community healthcare workers with cancer prevention information, we knew our efforts would have a positive impact on improving patient care and outcomes.

The SCIEX team

Pictured above: SCIEX's Claire Sanderson (Team Leader, UK Sales) and Russell Watts (Director, Business Development and Marketing)

SCIEX President Jean-Paul Mangeolle said: “It’s through our strong customer collaborations and partnerships that we can advance cancer research and ultimately aid in the promise of precision medicine.

“One example is our partnership with the Children’s Medical Research Institute in Australia, which aims to enable discoveries around the causes of cancer and provide guidance for cancer treatment options.”

I’m proud of our leadership and to work with so many associates who not only support SCIEX’s efforts to deliver innovative products and solutions, but also seek to improve people's lives by supporting scientific research and discovery.


Inspired by SCIEX's fundraising efforts? Your business can also work with us as a corporate partner.

Mark Cafazzo | 21 November 2016

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