Reach for gold with our Olympic inspired games

17 August 2016 | Healthy living

Has Olympic fever swept through your household? Keep the kids entertained this summer and join in with the fun of the Games with these family-friendly Olympic-themed challenges.

1. Run for Gold!

Make the most of the weather and get active in your garden or local park. Who can cross the finish line first in the kiwi and spoon race? Or why not go for gold in the bag grab challenge?

Download Time Challenge Games to find out how to play.

cartoon children playing a running game

2. Frisbee fun

You'd be surprised at how many different games you can play with a Frisbee! Aim for a strike with Frisbee bowling or try Frisbee golf and see who can complete the course first.

Download Frisbee Fun to find out how to play.

cartoon children playing a frisbee game

3. Relay races

Get creative and help kids make a rainbow fish windsock with our simple step-by-step guide. Then use the windsock like a baton to complete the relay race!

Download the Rainbow Fish Windsock Guide for all the instructions.

cartoon children playing with  windsocks

4. Summer skittles

Make these colourful skittles using plastic bottles and see who has the best aim. If you don’t manage to knock them all over, complete the active challenges – a great way to get moving on a summer's day!

Download Fun Family Skittles to find out how to play.

cartoon girl playing a skittles game

5. Balloon games

For those rainy days, try these indoor balloon games. Play solo ballo and see how long you can keep the balloon off the ground. Or get into teams and give volleyball-oon a go!

Download Balloon Games to learn how to play the game.

cartoon kids playing volleyball with a balloon

For lots more activity ideas for 4-11 year olds, take a look at our Great Grub Club website.

Sharon Hui | 17 August 2016