Further evidence of link between cancer and obesity

25 August 2016 | News, Healthy living

Caroline Moye, Head of World Cancer Research FundCaroline is head of World Cancer Research Fund

A new report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – an arm of the World Health Organisation – has highlighted the strong evidence connecting obesity to cancer risk.

The report found that excess body fat is linked to a number of common cancers, including colon, kidney, breast, womb, stomach and liver.

It complements World Cancer Research Fund’s own conclusions that being overweight increases the risk of 11 types of cancer.

obesity and cancer infographic

In fact, around 25,000 cancer cases could be prevented in the UK if everyone was a healthy weight.

Fortunately, many of the lifestyle choices we can make to help stay a healthy weight and reduce cancer risk are reassuringly simple. These include:

  • Being more active
  • Keeping an eye on portion sizes
  • Cutting back on fatty and sugary food and drink

The new report was published shortly after the Government released its plan to tackle obesity in children.

I have blogged before about my belief that this long-awaited strategy does not go far enough if obesity rates in the UK are to be reduced.

World Cancer Research Fund therefore urges the Government to look at the new IARC report and reconsider its own proposals, including, for example, introducing restrictions on the advertising of junk food.

Caroline Moye | 25 August 2016

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