Fishbox's tips on how to dump the junk

14 June 2016 | Healthy living

Magnus Houston, founder of FishboxMagnus is the founder of Fishbox, a fish and seafood subscription service that delivers fresh, sustainable, Scottish seafood direct to your door.

I started Fishbox two years ago while I was fishing off the east coast of Scotland (pictured, below). I became so frustrated that nearly all of my catch was immediately boxed up and shipped to Europe. I knew that there would be a demand for this delicious, fresh seafood in Britain and that’s how Fishbox was born!

We wanted to make fresh, nutritious seafood easily accessible anywhere in Britain. The company started off with me doing a couple of local deliveries and from there, Fishbox has grown and grown.

Magnus fishing in Scotland on his creel boat

We’re excited to be supporting World Cancer Research Fund’s new Dump the Junk campaign. We understand how difficult it can be to make healthy food choices and realise that many people may not know all the benefits a fish-based diet can bring.

Most people know that oily fish such as mackerel, salmon and trout contain omega-3 fats, which are great for the heart, eyes, brain, blood pressure and so much more, but did you also know that fish contains iodine, antioxidants and B vitamins? Shellfish are also good for you as they are high in iron, an essential mineral that makes up red blood cells and transports our oxygen around our bodies.

Fish is also a great source of lean protein and is low in unhealthy fat – reasons why many athletes just can’t get enough of it.

World Cancer Research Fund has shown that eating too much red meat can increase the risk of developing cancer, so if you're looking to cut down on the amount of red meat you eat, then fish is the perfect substitute. It can be eaten in so many ways and takes much less cooking and prep time, especially when it comes from Fishbox as all our fish is fully filleted, pin-boned and portioned.

Participating in Dump the Junk means giving up your favourite takeaways, ready meals and sugary snacks. This can seem impossible for some people as they’re so quick and convenient, but there are many simple, quick and tasty fish and seafood dishes which are sure to impress and are guilt-free!

In the recipe section of the World Cancer Research Fund website, we’ve picked out some of our favourite recipes including Mediterranean cod, fish tacos and monkfish tikka kebabs, all of which make great healthy swaps for takeaways, red meat, ready meals and fatty ingredients.

Go on, Dump the Junk!!


UPDATE (JULY 2017): Although our Dump the Junk campaign has now finished, we're still encouraging people to get more fish into their diet. To help you get started, buy your first Fishbox today (medium or large box only) using code ‘WCRF17' at checkout and you’ll get a 15 per cent discount, plus Fishbox will donate a further 20 per cent to us! To sign up, visit

Magnus Houston | 14 June 2016