Simple swaps for healthier snacking

23 May 2016 | Healthy living

Get smart with your snacking, and stay in shape.

Whether it’s a chocolate bar after lunch or a packet of crisps in the evening – we all have a favourite treat! But if we’re not careful, the calories can easily add up – leading to weight gain.

As well as keeping your weight healthy, choosing healthier snacks including vegetables, fruit and wholegrains, as well as unsalted nuts and seeds, can help you feel fuller for longer. They also provide lots of important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients like fibre and healthy fats.

Snack smarter and get ready for summer! Here are some snack swap ideas:

Treat: Chocolate

Healthier: Swap to a fun-sized version of a chocolate bar and save up to 165 calories. Or try strawberries dipped in a small amount of melted dark chocolate.

Healthiest: Go even healthier and just have strawberries – eating 100g of strawberries instead of 100g of milk chocolate can save you 500 calories!

Treat: Biscuits

Healthier: Swap two chocolate digestives for two chocolate-coated fingers and save over 100 calories.

Healthiest: For the same biscuit crunch, try wholegrain crispbreads topped with slices of sweet banana.

Treat: Crisps

Healthier: Swap a bag of regular crisps for a packet of baked crisps or lightly salted popcorn.

Healthiest: Dump the junk completely and try crunchy carrot, celery or cucumber sticks with low-fat houmous, which can save you 150 calories compared to a packet of crisps!

Treat: Cake

Healthier: Swap to a slice of fruity malt loaf or toasted currant teacake with a scrape of reduced-fat spread.

Healthiest: For an alternative sweet treat, try low-fat natural yoghurt with chopped fruit or berries topped with unsalted nuts or seeds.

Sharon Hui | 23 May 2016