Easy swaps for guilt-free takeaways

23 May 2016 | Healthy living

Follow our handy tips for ordering healthier takeaways.

A takeaway is a nice treat every now and again, but unfortunately isn’t usually very healthy. For example, just half a large pepperoni pizza contains over 1400 calories, and a portion of fish and chips can easily take you over 1200 calories!

The healthiest option is to rustle up your own delicious versions of your takeaway favourites, which means you know exactly what’s in your food. 

If you can’t give up takeaway foods altogether, here are some tips on healthier dishes to order and what to look out for on the menu:


  • If you’re ordering a pizza, choose a thin base rather than deep pan or stuffed crust options. Or rather than having a whole pizza, why not share a pizza and a salad between two of you?
  • For toppings, choosing chicken, fish and veggie toppings will be healthier than meat, pepperoni or extra cheese options.


  • Anything crispy and battered is usually deep-fried. If you enjoy a sweet and sour dish, why not ask for the meat not to be battered?
  • Opt for steamed or stir-fried dishes with plain rice, rather than special or egg fried rice.

Fish and chips

  • If you’re heading to the chippy, there are sometimes options for grilled fish or fish in breadcrumbs rather than fried in batter. Or try removing some of the batter to cut the calories!
  • You can order a portion of chips to share. Also, if there is the option, thicker chips are better than thin cut chips as they absorb less oil when they’re cooking.


  • Tomato based curries such as tandoori are generally lower in calories rather than cream based ones like kormas.
  • Boiled rice is a healthier option compared to naan bread, chips or fried rice.


  • For chicken burgers, choose those that are grilled rather than breaded or fried.
  • Rather than extra cheese, sauces or bacon, why not ask for extra salad?
Sharon Hui | 23 May 2016