Delicious healthy frozen desserts

23 May 2016 | Healthy living

Want a tasty ice cream without the guilt? Try our delicious alternatives!

On a hot summer’s day, the jingle of an ice cream van can be hard to resist. But, tasty as they are, ice creams are high in fat and sugar, which means they aren’t such good news for our waistlines.

For example, did you know that one chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream actually contains as many calories as a hamburger? And an ice cream sundae might seem like a nice way to finish off lunch but, if you knew it contained over 800 calories, you might think again!

Shop bought alternatives

But there’s no reason to not enjoy the occasional summer treat. There are plenty of healthier and lighter alternatives available in the shops.

Save 240 calories by swapping 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with a chocolate flake (400 calories) for 2 scoops of raspberry sorbet and a handful of berries (160 calories).

Save 180 calories by swapping a chocolate-coated ice cream (250 calories) for a fruit split ice-lolly (68 calories).

Make your own

Or you could create your own, by following our fruity and refreshing recipes. With a lot less calories than ice cream, they’re the perfect frozen treats for a summer’s day:

Healthy strawberry honey frozen yoghurt dessert recipeStrawberry frozen yoghurt

A refreshing and healthy summer cooler – the perfect alternative to ice cream.


Healthy apple oats cinnamon granita recipeApple pie granita

A delicious combination of apple, cinnamon and oats, in a lovely frozen granita.


Fruity banana blueberry raspberry yoghurt healthy ice lollies recipeBanana ‘n’ berry ice-lollies

Cool down with these berry tasty fruit lollies.

Sharon Hui | 23 May 2016