3 meat-free Monday munchies

01 April 2016 | Healthy living

Cutting down on red meat doesn’t have to be a chore. Reduce your red meat intake by rustling up these meat-free meals – perfect for a quick weekday dinner.

Lamb chops or a fillet steak might be tasty every now and then, but it’s best not to eat it every day. Whilst red meat, like beef, pork and lamb can be part of a healthy balanced diet, there is strong evidence that eating too much red meat is a cause of bowel cancer.

This is why we recommend aiming to eat less than 500g (cooked weight) of red meat a week. To give an idea, 80g of cooked meat is about the size of a deck of cards, so it doesn’t mean having to cut it out all together.

But if red meat is a regular staple for you, cutting down on the amount of red meat you eat could really benefit your health. So why not keep several meals each week meat-free?

One easy way to do this is to think about basing our meals around a variety of vegetables, fruit, wholegrains and pulses such as beans. These three delicious vegetarian recipes have all been tried and tested and can guarantee you a tasty alternative to meat-filled dishes.

Spicy vegetarian bean burgers recipe in seeded bun with lettuce and tomatoSpicy bean burgers

This recipe skips out the meat but not the flavour! A delicious and healthy alternative to beef burgers.


Healthy vegetarian asparagus risotto recipeAsparagus risotto

This springtime inspired Italian classic with light and refreshing flavours packs in 2 of your 5 A DAY.


A healthy Mexican bean casserole recipeMexican bean casserole

A delicately spiced bean casserole that is ready in under 30 minutes. Proof that hearty and healthy can co-exist in one tasty vegetarian recipe.


To find out more about bowel cancer, order or download our Reducing your Risk of Bowel Cancer leaflet today.

Sharon Hui | 01 April 2016