#WeCanICan reduce your cancer risk

04 February 2016 | Healthy living

Physical activity reduces your risk of several cancers:

Will horizontal running become a new Olympic sport? Probably not…

Exercise doesn’t have to be this difficult:

You don’t have to train for a marathon, even walking counts.

A good way to be less sedentary is to take the stairs:

But maybe not if you’re carrying a sofa…

Maintaining a healthy weight is important too.

This is not the way to drink tea! Make small changes - avoid sugar in your tea, swap a fizzy drink for a bottle of water - these can all make a difference.

It’s important to eat plenty of vegetables.

There are nicer ways to enjoy your veg… we promise!

Healthy eating can still be a pleasure:

Our recipes are full of tasty, easy ways to have a balanced diet.

Take a leaf out of Raf the Bunny’s* book:

This is the way to raid a fridge!

For cancer prevention it’s best to avoid alcohol, but if you drink try not to drink more than 1 a day:

Avoid large glasses - this glass puts you way over the limit, it does not count as one!

For more simple ways to reduce your cancer risk, sign up to our I CAN tips.

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Lucy Eccles | 04 February 2016

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