Stylist's Reclaim Your Lunch Break - A great way to get healthy

04 March 2015 | Healthy living

Women’s magazine Stylist have launched a campaign to get people taking their lunch break, instead of staying hunched over their desk throughout the day and eating while working.

Stylist is urging people to take a 30-minute respite in their ‘Reclaim Your Lunch Break’ campaign – and we couldn’t agree more, as this is a fantastic opportunity to improve your health and reduce your cancer risk.

Reclaiming your lunch break is a great chance to do a little bit of physical activity and have a healthy, nutritious lunch – both of which can help lower your risk of cancer.

Making those 30 minutes count

In half an hour you could do a quick burst of exercise, which counts towards the recommended 30 minutes or more a day of physical activity we all need to stay healthy.

Kym Lang, Head of Health Information at World Cancer Research Fund, said: ‘Reclaiming your lunch break is a excellent chance to improve your health.

Take a break from your desk to improve your health

‘Despite what many think, we aren’t powerless against cancer. You can reduce your risk by eating well, moving more and staying in shape. This campaign is the encouragement we all need to get up from our desks and take a much-needed break.

‘Being active for 30 minutes or more a day can reduce your cancer risk. Why not use your well-deserved lunch break to get some “me” time away from work? You could grab your trainers and headphones and go for a jog, take a walk with a colleague, or hit the gym for a quick blitz.

‘If we all did 30 minutes a day of physical activity, about 1 in 9 cases of bowel and breast cancers could be prevented – that’s more than 10,000 cases a year in the UK.’

Fill up on healthy food

Stylist’s Reclaim Your Lunch Break campaign also gives you the chance to eat well, too. Take advantage of your lunch break by bringing in a healthy meal or, if you’re lucky enough to have an office kitchen, make one from scratch. Not only will it help improve your health, it could improve your bank balance, too.

Kym said: ‘Free up even more of your precious lunch time by bringing in your own healthy lunch, instead of relying on shop-bought food that is often high in fat, calories, sugar and salt.

‘It’s also a great way to save some pennies as it stops you from hitting the shops and being tempted by pricey shop-bought foods.

‘Bringing in a healthy lunch from home frees up time for exercise at lunchtime and, even if you choose to make your healthy lunch in work, you’re still getting a break from your desk, which helps you avoid sitting still all day.

‘Opting for a home-made lunch of wholegrain foods, pulses, vegetables and fruit will help stave off those afternoon hunger rumbles as they are packed with fibre, which also helps to lower your risk of bowel cancer. You’ll also get plenty of vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals that can help you to stay healthy.

‘Eating fruits and vegetables can help prevent stomach, lung mouth, and throat cancer. There are so many delicious recipes, which can help reduce your cancer risk, and are the perfect healthy midday meal.

‘Reclaiming your lunch can improve your health, and help reduce your cancer risk. That’s definitely worth taking a 30-minute break for.’

News | 04 March 2015