Cut the Christmas calories

18 December 2013 | Healthy living

The average person eats 6,000 calories on Christmas Day. That’s the same as ten Margherita pizzas, 29 bottles of cola or 20 medium servings of fries. If you were to eat a healthier alternative, you’d need to stuff yourself with a staggering 392 tomatoes - try fitting that in your stocking!

6,000 calories is three times the recommended daily intake for the average woman, and about 2½ times that for a man.

So is it possible to keep the Christmas calories under control? We think so. People who sign up to our 100 Calorie Challenge get tips on easy ways to cut 100 calories from their diet each day.

There are lots of simple swaps we can make, and they don’t have to be boring. So if you choose to have a drink, have a flute of fizzy instead of a large glass of mulled wine and save 100 calories.

A great way to burn off some of the extra calories from all that festive food is to do a bit of exercise. The average mince pie is around 260 calories, which you could burn off by cycling for 25 minutes or jogging for half an hour.

Even vacuuming is exercise – so you could be working off the treats and getting your home ready for guests at the same time.

Exactly how much exercise burns off that mince pie depends on your weight and which activity you choose, so for a more precise calculation try our online exercise calorie calculator.

Whilst calorie counting at Christmas might seem a bit bah humbug, it needn’t be. Fewer calories doesn’t have to mean less food (as long as you choose the right food) and instead of a fear-inducing date with a treadmill, exercise can be a heart-warming walk with your family.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy festive season from everyone at WCRF UK.  

Health Information | 18 December 2013

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