Happy Fruity Friday

18 May 2012 | Supporter stories

Today thousands of people in businesses, schools and communities around the UK will be getting dressed up in their yellowest of yellow clothes and enjoying themselves with games and races – while promoting the cancer prevention message.

Fruity Friday is the finale of a great week. This year we have been asking people to eat ‘just one more’ portion of fruit and veg. By encouraging everyone to take this small step, we hope people can make a positive contribution to the health of themselves and their families and reduce cancer risk.

Already people have been flooding Twitter with messages under the #fruityfriday hashtag to describe what they’re doing today.

At Home Instead in North Yorkshire, staff handed out free fruit from their office (and will be doing so for the rest of the week); Alexandra Khan in London dressed as a plum to support the day; Live Well Suffolk dished out fruit in Ipswich town centre; at Torfaen Youth in Wales, name the fruits and banana dance competitions were the order of the day; and Lifestyle Elf in Oxford walked to work dressed as a banana to mark the occasion.

At WCRF HQ we've been putting the message out with a news release noting the poor levels of fruit and veg consumption in Britain – just 22 per cent of Brits are getting at least five portions a day.

The story ran on the BBC News website and was followed by a number of national daily newspapers (both print and online editions) including the Sun, Independent, Daily Mirror, Metro and Daily Express.

On the airwaves, we featured in news bulletins on a host of radio stations including Magic, Heart, BBC Radio, Viking FM and LBC.

And Head of Education Kate Mendoza gave a great interview on Tuesday morning to BBC Newcastle’s breakfast programme (which can be heard 38m 25s).

Last night’s Beat the Banana! Race in London’s Hyde Park was a huge success with more than 500 yellow-clad runners taking part. Many runners also came dressed in costumes to rival the banana, including a couple in gorilla outfits.

Congratulations to men’s and women’s winners Philip Jones and Kit Yee Chan. Also, a huge thanks to the banana, Rioch O’Gorman, for entering into the spirit of the event with such enthusiasm.

WCRF has been running Cancer Prevention Week for nine years now and it gets bigger and better with each passing year, so thank you to everyone who’s taken part and let’s look forward to an even more successful Fruity Friday in future years.

News | 18 May 2012

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