Cancer Prevention Action Week 2022

Did you know it’s estimated that 40% of cancer cases can be prevented? That’s around 147,000 cases every year in the UK.

What is Cancer Prevention Action Week?

Cancer Prevention Action Week 2022 will take place on 21–27 February 2022. It’s an annual event where we draw awareness to cancer and cancer prevention and encourage you to take action.

Currently, 40% of people diagnosed are diagnosed with a cancer that could have been prevented.

Knowing what you need to do and making small, consistent changes to the lives of you and your loved ones can help you avoid preventable cancers.

Check your risk

Are you following our cancer prevention guidelines? If you’re not sure, try out our Cancer Health Check tool. Answer 11 questions to find out how at risk you are of developing cancer. This questionnaire looks at lifestyle choices only, it doesn’t factor in family history or other non-modifiable factors. However, using this tool you can find out more about the different changes you can make to prevent cancer.

Healthy eating with our recipes

An important way to protect yourself against cancer is to ensure you eat healthily. By eating more vegetables, fruits and beans and reducing your intake of high calorie foods you’re filling your body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to prevent cancer.

If you’re unsure of what to cook for your next meal and need some inspiration, we have a wide range of healthy recipes available. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we’ve got something tasty (and healthy) for you.