Cancer Prevention Action Week 2023

Cancer Prevention Action Week 2023 is coming

What is Cancer Prevention Action Week?

Cancer Prevention Action Week 2023Cancer Prevention Action Week 2023 will take place on 20–26 February 2023. It’s an annual event where we raise awareness of cancer and cancer prevention and encourage you to take action.

Currently, 40% of people diagnosed are diagnosed with a cancer that could potentially have been prevented.

Knowing what you need to do and making small, consistent changes to the lives of you and your loved ones can help you avoid preventable cancers.

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Cancer Prevention Action Week 2022

It’s time to celebrate the real super foods in your kitchen, those everyday ‘cupboard heroes’ that will ensure your diet is packed with nutrients, vitamins and – above all – taste.

Cupboard heroes

Recipe generator imageIt’s not necessary to eat heavily marketed “superfoods” to help reduce your risk of cancer. The real super foods are the cheap, nutritious cupboard heroes you’ll find in many kitchens.

Ingredients such as lentils, tinned vegetables and tinned fish are much more versatile than you might think! We’ve created a Cupboard Heroes recipe generator to help you out.

Simply type in your cupboard (or fridge, or freezer) staples and discover delicious and healthy recipes that can also help reduce your risk of cancer.

Try our Cupboard Heroes recipe generator now


Love your lentils

If, like the majority of Brits, tuna and pasta are your favourite store cupboard staple you’ll find plenty of recipes that appeal. Or perhaps you have lentils languishing in the back of your cupboard, and you’d like to give them a little more love?

In our recent survey, dried pulses were the least popular item in cupboards round the country. However, they’re an excellent source of protein and contain lots of dietary fibre which can help protect against colorectal cancer as well as weight gain.

Try our Cupboard Heroes recipe generator now

Check your risk

Are you following our cancer prevention guidelines? If you’re not sure, try out our Cancer Health Check tool. Answer 11 questions to find out how at risk you are of developing cancer. This questionnaire looks at lifestyle choices only, it doesn’t factor in family history or other non-modifiable factors. However, using this tool you can find out more about the different changes you can make to prevent cancer.

Support our life-changing work

Currently, one in two people in the UK will develop cancer in their lifetime. Every gift we receive, whether big or small, helps us achieve our vision of living in a world where no one develops a preventable cancer.

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