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Roasted veg baguetteSwap out the processed meat and create a quick and tasty sandwich with just 5 simple ingredients – and none of the health risks.

Great British Sarnie Swap logoFor Cancer Prevention Action Week 2023, we’re encouraging everyone to eat less processed meat. But what does that mean for your lunchtime sandwich?

We know that processed meat can be tasty and convenient, but we have all the ideas you need to create healthier sandwiches that are just as great.

To make your perfect processed meat-free sandwich, all you need is 5 key elements:

Protein + Texture + Twist + Spread + Bread

Just choose one from each and you’ll have a healthier meal to savour.

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The star ingredient of your sandwich, choose from white meat, fish, cheese or veggie options.

A portion of tuna
a bowl of cooked prawns
Slices of halloumi cheese
Halloumi cheese
Fish fingers
Fish fingers
A whole and half a hard-boiled egg
Cooked mushrooms
Cooked chicken breast
Grated cheese
A ramekin of baked beans
Baked beans


It’s not a satisfying sarnie if it doesn’t crunch when you sink your teeth in, so make sure you add some texture and colour. Vegetables, including pickled, add fibre and vitamins too. Here are some suggestions.

Silverskin onions
Pickled onions
different bowls of olives
Shredded lettuce
a bowl of coleslaw
Pickled red cabbage
Pickled cabbage
a chopped radish
Slices of tomato
slices of cucumber
apple slices


If you think your sandwich will lack oomph without processed meat, add a flavoursome twist to set your tastebuds sizzling – rather than a sausage. Think creatively…

A ramekin of capers
chopped spring onions
Spring onion
lemon zest
Lemon zest
peeled cloves of garlic
a lime and a lemon
Lime/lemon juice
Chopped chives
basil leaves


A great sandwich needs something smooth to gel it all together. Don’t stick to your normal margarine – there are lots of other spreadable options.

tomato chutney
Tomato ketchup
Tartare sauce
Tartare sauce
Salad cream
Salad cream
Pesto Genovese
English mustard


Bring it all together with some brilliant bread. We recommend wholemeal as it contains more fibre than white, and so is better for your bowel. There are so many options to choose from: plump for paratha, build up a bao bun or just roll with it …

Supermarket-bought sliced wholemeal bread
Wholemeal bread
Organic wholemeal bread
Sourdough bread
Wholemeal tortilla
Wholemeal tortilla
wholemeal roll
Wholemeal roll
wholemeal pitta
Wholemeal pitta
Bao bun
Bao bun

Our top 5 sandwich fillings

Italian Caprese sandwiches with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheeseCaprese-style stunner

Fly the tricolore flag for our take on a caprese salad sandwich, with cheese of your choice, fragrant basil and tomato.

ELT: egg lettuce and tomato sandwichELT

Crunch, colour and convenience in a wrap, toastie or roll. Swap in whichever lettuce is cheap and in season: iceberg, romaine, chicory, radicchio or little gem varieties all work well.

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Fish finger and salad sandwichFish finger bap

Enjoy gastro grub at a fraction of the price, and an easy way to eat more fish. Spruce it up with capers or gherkins.

Open sandwich with humousOpen sandwich with houmous

Smashed chickpeas, a droplet or two of fresh lemon juice and grated beetroot. Just don’t spill it down your top.
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Hot chicken fajitas Hot chicken fajitas

Guacamole full of healthier plant oils, homemade seasoning that balances the spice of cayenne peppers and the sweetness of paprika, plus succulent chicken, this recipe was designed for people living with cancer but is great for everyone.
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Further inspiration

Still not sure what to go for? Here are a few more suggestions

Meat and fish sandwich ideas

  • Avocado and chicken
  • Roast chicken and coleslaw (low-fat dressing)
  • Turkey, spinach, tomato and low-fat mayo
  • Roasted chicken, pesto and chargrilled peppers
  • Chicken/ turkey sausage sarnie with red onion and ketchup
  • Tuna (in spring water), sweetcorn, grated vegetables and low-fat mayo
  • Salmon (in spring water), spinach, spring onion, and low-fat mayo
  • Caesar salad / tuna nicoise sarnie
  • Prawn cocktail

Sandwich ideas with dairy

  • Cream cheese and chive
  • Curried egg mayo
  • Cottage cheese and pepper
  • Reduced fat cheese, salad and houmous
  • Mashed egg, salad and low-fat mayo
  • Egg, cheese, cucumber, and tomato
  • Wrap with grated cheese, houmous, paprika, tomato, cucumber and lettuce
  • Cheese + pesto + tomato

Veggie – non dairy sandwiches

  • Houmous and avocado
  • Grated carrot and hummus
  • Roasted chickpeas, pepper and avocado
  • Toasted tofu and avocado
  • Avocado (with lime), cheese, tomato
  • Jackfruit + coleslaw
  • Aubergine + tomato + pesto
  • Smoky mushroom + red pepper puree
  • Spicy rice and bean (lettuce) wrap
  • Bao bun + aubergine filling