Dump the Junk and get healthy this summer

Woman kicking junk food

Joining our challenge to dump the junk? Here are some handy tips to keep you going throughout June!

We’re challenging you to give up one of your most unhealthy vices for June, such as drinking sugary drinks, ordering takeaways or eating too many sweet treats.

By taking part we hope that you’ll start to feel and see the health benefits from eating a healthier diet – just in time for the summer – as well as raising funds for cancer prevention.

So whether you’re dumping the junk for June or just trying to eat more healthily in general, here are 5 tips to help you stay on track:

1. Set a clear goal

Write down your goal. If you decide to give up crisps, will you be giving them up for June or for longer? Does that include baked crisps and vegetable crisps? Knowing exactly what you set out to do means you’re more likely to stick to it.

2. Pair up

If you think you’ll find it hard to dump your favourite junk food, why not ask your friend, colleague or partner to join you? They can help to spur you along or provide a bit of friendly competition! Or let your friends know on social media, so they can support you along the way.

3. Spring clean

Clear your cupboards! If those fizzy drinks or chocolate bars are lurking around in your kitchen or drawer at work, it can be easy to slip up. Have a good clear out before the challenge, so you’re not tempted to stray from your goal.

4. Know your triggers

Do you crave that sugary coffee when you’ve had a stressful morning commute? Or is reaching for those biscuits a mid-afternoon habit? Knowing when you’re likely to want junk food means you can have healthy snacks prepared instead to help you to stick to your plan.

5. Plan ahead

If you know that you’ll struggle to go cold turkey, find yourself some healthier alternatives. We have swap ideas for your takeaways, snacks, ice creams and fizzy drinks to get you started with dumping the junk.

If you’re up for the challenge, join us and sign up by 31 May to #dumpthejunk.

Dump the junk image of a cauliflower in a milkshake glass