Baked beans, breakfast cereal and cake – foods that are surprisingly high in salt

Baked beans on toast

Sharon is World Cancer Research Fund’s Health Information Officer

It’s Salt Awareness Week!

Many people already know that ready meals are high in salt. They might also be aware of the high salt content in processed products such as crisps, soup and stock cubes.

But how many of us know about some of the other common processed culprits which can quickly increase our daily salt consumption?

Baked beans, bread, breakfast cereal, cake and even sauces such as tomato ketchup and mayonnaise – they’ll all take up a decent chunk of your recommended daily salt intake of 6g.

For example, just two slices of bread amounts to over 15 per cent of your recommended daily intake, while half a can of baked beans can contain nearly a third.

Facts about salt infographic

We often think of our salt intake in terms of how much we add at the table, but the fact that three quarters of the salt we consume actually comes from these types of processed foods shows just how wrong we are.

Salt matters because eating too much of it can increase the risk of stomach cancer. Scientists think this might be because salt damages the lining of the stomach.

Facts about salt infographic

So our number one tip for eating less salt and reducing your cancer risk is to GO FRESH! Cooking from scratch whenever you can means you know exactly how much salt is being added to your food.

And if you find yourself missing full-flavoured dishes, try experimenting with different spices and herbs to get those taste buds tingling!

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