Our latest health professional survey found that 65 per cent of you weren’t aware of our Real Recipes website.

All of our recipes are created by registered nutritionists and based on our Cancer Prevention Recommendations, so not only do they taste delicious, but people can also trust that they’re scientifically backed.

Lower calories

Eating too many calories causes weight gain and being a healthy weight is important for reducing cancer risk.1

We have kept the calorie content in our recipes low – one way we've done this is using reduced-fat versions of food such as milk, cheese, yoghurts and spreads. Using traffic light labelling guidance, our recipes contain only low or medium amounts of fat, sugar and salt.

We have kept a particularly close eye on the amount of added sugar in our recipes. The sugar in our dishes is mainly naturally occurring sugars, such as those in fruit and milk. We've also checked that the amount of free sugars (mainly sugar added to food) is no more than 10g per portion.

Healthier options

Where possible, we have used wholegrain options of food such as rice, pasta and flour, as these contain more fibre, which can help us feel fuller for longer. For recipes that include red meat, we have stuck to healthy portion sizes and chosen lean options. We've avoided using alcohol or processed meat in our recipes as these increase the risk of cancer.2

Our most popular recipes to date include tortilla pizzas, chicken risotto with garlic and lemon and banana and peanut butter flapjacks.

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