We have partnered with Life Kitchen to provide free cookery classes and dietary support to people living with cancer.

Life Kitchen was set up as a free, UK-wide cooking school to help people living with cancer by teaching cooking skills and providing recipes that help to restore the pleasure they get from food by focusing on taste.

This is an important issue as cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and certain medications can affect the way food and drink tastes, as can cancer itself.

Bringing back flavour

The recipes taught will help to tackle the loss of taste and enjoyment from food in those living with cancer by using ingredients that enhance the flavour of each dish.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to talk to an oncology dietitian about any concerns they have about their diet during cancer and find out how the recipes can be adapted to suit their needs.

All attendees will receive a pack of information about eating well during cancer, a sensory pack to explore during the class and a voucher to buy the ingredients needed for the session.

The free online classes begin in February 2021. To find out more email informed@wcrf.org.