In 2018, we’ll be launching our Third Expert Report on lifestyle and cancer prevention. This report will bring together all the research on diet, weight, physical activity and cancer risk and will form the basis of revised cancer prevention recommendations.

Building on our landmark First and Second Expert Reports (1997 and 2007), which gave comprehensive analyses of the worldwide body of cancer prevention evidence available at those times, our independent panel of scientists has been carrying out a major review of the evidence relating foods, body weight and physical activity to cancer over the past ten years. The review will be published as a Third Expert Report in 2018.

The findings will be used to update our Cancer Prevention Recommendations and to identify priority areas for future cancer prevention and survival research.

Among experts worldwide our reports are a trusted, authoritative scientific resource, which underpins current guidelines and policy for cancer prevention.

Alongside the report, we’ll be developing a new lifestyle assessment tool for the public. People will be able to see how closely they follow our Cancer Prevention Recommendations and be given practical advice on steps they can take to reduce their risk.

We’ll update you on the report and lifestyle assessment tool in the next issue of Informed.