As part of our ongoing work to spread the cancer prevention message, we held our first regional event for community health professionals in September. Our aim was to bust the myth that there’s nothing people can do to protect themselves against cancer.

World Cancer Research Fund’s General Manager, Amanda McLean introduced the day, and our Deputy Head of Health Information, Maya Monteiro, talked about the scientific evidence behind our cancer prevention advice. Other speakers included Professor Annie Anderson, from the University of Dundee, who spoke about the importance of making every contact count, and health consultant Karen Thomas, who gave tips on how health workers can approach a conversation with clients about changing health behaviours.

The event helped delegates feel more confident talking about cancer risk factors and the link between cancer and lifestyle. In fact, the number of delegates who felt confident talking about cancer prevention more than doubled, from 34 per cent to 82 per cent. What all the speakers and delegates had in common was a passion to help people lead healthier lives and reduce the number of people developing preventable diseases, including cancer.

With hardworking, inspiring health professionals like you, we hope to reach even more people with our cancer prevention message so that they can make informed choices and lead healthier lives free from cancer.

Read our blog Busting cancer myths for cancer prevention to find out more about the event.

Published in Winter 2014 issue