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Alfresco DiningWould you like to try Chinese-style tofu drizzled with deliciously sticky hoisin and soy sauce, with diced water chestnuts and a cheeky splash of lime juice, all wrapped up in a little gem lettuce leaf?

Or perhaps you’re tempted by roasted chickpea salad, with the smoky aroma of cumin, wild rice and the satisfying crunch of cucumbers, peppers and pomegranates?

For these recipes and more, just fill in a quick form and your FREE copy of Alfresco dining will be on its way to you!

Who are we?

Did you know that World Cancer Research Fund is the only UK charity dedicated solely to helping more people prevent and survive cancer? Since 1990, we have invested more than £100m in cancer research.

Our evidence shows that eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight are 2 important ways you can reduce your cancer risk. That’s why we provide free recipe booklets packed with ideas for healthy meals to suit everyone.

As a charity we can provide one free copy of Alfresco dining per UK household.

We offer our cookbooks for free, but if you can make a donation to support our cancer prevention work, thank you! You’ll be directed to the donation page after you’ve ordered your booklet.

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